Feb. 2019 Jedidiah Chung received the 2019 Frank W. Collins Undergraduate Award in Biochemistry. Congratulations to Jed!

Jan. 2019 Jean Filo joined our group. Jean is a undergraduate student major in Biology and minor in Biochemistry. Welcome!



Nov. 2018 Christine Banos received the 2018 Dyer Award in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Congratulations to Christine!

Nov. 2018 Megan Doleschal and Robert Hillman  joined our group. Megan is currently a first-year Ph.D. student in Biochemistry and Robert is a first year Ph.D. student in Organic Chemistry. Robert received his B.S. degree from Moravian College and Megan received her B.S. degree from  Shippensburg University Of Pennsylvania.

Oct. 2018 Professor Yuanjie Li joined us as a Visiting Scholar and will carry out research in our laboratory for one year. Welcome, Prof. Li!

Sep. 2018 Cole Lazarus joined our group. Cole is a undergraduate student majoring in Biochemistry.

July 2018 Weijun Gui was selected to attend the Gordon Research Conference in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire and presented a poster.

June 2018 Professor Chuanhua Li joined us as a Visiting Scholar. He will carry out research in our laboratory for one year. Welcome, Prof. Li!

May 2018 Christine Ott successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation.  Congratulations to Dr. Ott! Chrissy will venture into an exciting new area working for Spark Therapeutics.

May 2018 Harrison Greenberg will start his graduate school this fall at Johns Hopkins University. He will be a CBI trainee at Johns Hopkins University.  Harry, congratulations! Wish you a productive and fun graduate career!

Apr. 2018 Jedidiah Chung and Rebecca DiBona were selected for the 2018 UD Summer Science Scholars.

Jedidiah received the Plastino Fellowship. Congratulations to Jed and Becca!

Mar.  2018 Harrison Greenberg received the 2018 Frank W. Collins Undergraduate Award in Biochemistry. Congratulations to Harry!



Oct. 2017 Gregory Davidson successfully passed his candidacy meeting. Congratulations Greg!

Sep. 2017 Christine Banos successfully passed her candidacy meeting, congratulations Christine!

Sep. 2017 The Lab welcomes CBI rotation student Julia Rosenberger. Julia received her B.S. in Chemistry at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

Aug. 2017 Chrissy’s Paper ‘Cell Lysate-Based AlphaLISA Deubiquitinase Assay Platform for Identification of Small Molecule Inhibitors‘ was published in ACS Chemical Biology.  Congratulations Chrissy!!

Jul. 2017 Ping Gong Successfully defended her doctoral thesis. Congratulations Dr. Gong, we wish you the best as you transition into Industry!

May. 2017 Ping Gong won the first place in poster competition sponsored by ACS Biochemistry at the 10th Annual Frontiers in Chemistry and Biology Interface Symposium.

Christine Ott chaired the morning plenary session of the symposium.

Mar. 2017 Harrison Greenberg and Rebecca DiBona were selected for the 2017 CHEM/BIOC Summer Science Scholars. Harry received Undergraduate Research Program Fellowship and Becca received Plastino Fellowship. Congratulations to Harry and Becca!

Feb. 2017 Rebecca DiBona joined our group. Rebecca is a undergraduate student majoring in Biochemistry.


Nov. 2016 Esra Oktay joined the group as a graduate student. Esra received her B.S. in Molecular Biology and Genetics from Istanbul Technical University in Turkey.

Oct. 2016 Weijun Gui, Prajwal Paudel, Siqi Shen successfully passed the candidacy meeting. Congratulations to all of them.

May. 2016 Adam Tencer and Kun Yang both successfully defended their doctoral theses. Congratulations to Dr. Tencer and Dr. Yang!  Dr. Tencer is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Colorado and Dr. Yang is a postdoctoral fellow at Johns Hopkins University!

May. 2016 Our paper ‘Chemical Protein Ubiquitylation with Preservation of the Native Cysteine Residues‘ was published online in ChemBioChem.

Jan. 2016 Harrison Greenberg joined the Zhuang group. Harry is currently a undergraduate student at UD.


Dec. 2015 Christine Banos and Gregory Davidson joined the Zhuang Group. Christine and Greg are first year graduate students in the department.

Aug. 2015 Professor Zhuang gave a talk entitled ” Investigating deubiquitination with DUB-specific probes” in the 250th American Chemical Society National Meeting.

Mar. 2015 Clarke Snell was selected as a 2015 Summer Scholar at the University of Delaware.